Internal Consulting Skills

Course Properties

Course date: 12-11-2017
Course End Date: 16-11-2017
Location Cairo

 Course Objective:

                 This course examines ways of improving Internal Consulting performance.

                 Familiarizes participants with basic elements of Internal consulting Methodology.      

                 Develops the vision and skills that result in Distinguished and effective Internal Consulting Strategy.

                 Through case study-based exercises, this course applies best  practice of Internal Consulting Strategies.


Who Should Attend:

        This course is valuable for both new and experienced consultants, managers and officers who wish to gain or refine consulting skills

    and strengths while increasing the commitment and productivity of their work.


Course Contents:

  • The concept of internal consulting.

                    *  Basic aspects of internal consulting.
                    *  Role of internal consulting
                    *  Effective consultant skills and strengths
                    *  Adoption of consulting style
                    *  Explore different models for consulting interventions
                    *  A new vision to enhance consulting activities.

  • Consulting difficulties, obstacles, and problems.

                     *  Consulting difficulties.
                     *  Consulting success and failure factors.
                     * Distinguished consulting outcome.

  • Forms of successful client relationships.

    Internal Consulting phases in view of teamwork strategy.

      • Using emotional intelligence to form successful client relationships.

      • Appropriate situation assessment

      • Finding workable and agreeable solutions for stakeholders.

      •  Achieving swift, tangible, and fruitful results.


  • Internal Consulting Methodology.

  •  Practice skills of gathering and analyzing information  and developing recommendations

  •  Demonstrate increased skill in consulting design, problem analysis, interviewing, and reporting.

  • Create an internal need for your services (professionalism, credibility, delivery).

  • Establish subject matter expertise and position yourself as an internal consultant.

  • Internal Consulting Evaluation.

  •  Workshop and Case Studies.