Improving National Development Program

Course Properties

Course date: 05-11-2017
Course End Date: 09-11-2017
Location Cairo
Course Objectives:
        Delegates will become aware of key issues in Improving National Development Program. Upon completion of the course,
         delegates will become trained in:
               • Why should the traditional ways of Nationalization change now?
               • How can your organization tell Nationals that you are not going to give them a high salary yet still make the GOOD ones
                 want to work for you and stay?
               • How do you improve your Selection Criteria and Selection Process for Nationals?
               • How can you make Nationals feel ownership and accountability for what they do in your organization?
               • How do you get your line managers and expatriate staff to help you wholeheartedly?
Designed For:
       This program is designed for Heads, Directors, General Managers, Managers and Executives of: 
               • Human Resource Departments 
               • Recruitment Departments 
               • Nationalization Departments 
               • Training and Development Departments 
               • Sourcing 
               • Succession Planning Managers 
               • Employer Branding 
               • Employee Engagement 
               • Manpower Planning 
               • Any Head of Department who wishes to retain and improve the nationals under him/her. 
Course Contents:
      Day 1: 
               • Why should the traditional ways of Nationalization and National Development change now? 
               • What are the new Nationalization and Development trends occurring in the Middle East? 
               • Do you really have a proper ‘Nationalization Vision?’ If not, then how do you create it? 
               • How do you set attainable Nationalization and National Development Goals?
               • Do you really know what locals think of your Employer Brand? What about your Employer Reputation to Nationals?
               • How do you create an attractive Employer Brand for Nationals and a better Employer Reputation to Nationals?
               • How do you identify the correct stakeholders for your National Development program and how do you cater to their specific needs?
      Day 2:
               • How do you start recruiting REALLY GOOD candidates and not just hitting the numbers for hiring’s sake? 
               • How do you create a National Recruitment Program that is tuned in?
               • How do you set up good Selection Criteria?
               • How do you set up a good Selection Process for Nationals?
               • How do you measure potential through competency tests? What tests should you really be using to identify the right
                  kind of National to hire?
      Day 3: 
               • How does your National Development program become a tool to develop and build a nation?
               • How do you encourage and nurture the right competencies, attitudes and behavior?
               • How do you design orientation programs where trainees get to do REAL WORK and are ACCOUNTABLE FOR RESULTS? 
               • How do you help Nationals create and set their own VALUES, PLANNED CONTRIBUTIONS and ASPIRATIONS? 
               • How do you teach Nationals to focus on BUSINESS RESULTS and not just learning and development?
               • What is going to stop Nationals from leaving your organization?
               • How do you develop a framework to instill the following on Nationals: 
                                Five Business Aims 
                                Dimensions of Decision-Making
      Day 4: 
               • How do you implement clear accountability processes that help young National recruits maximize their learning by putting
                  them in real situations, and face to face with real customers and stakeholders of the business? 
               • How do set up a Performance Management System for Nationals? 
               • How do you create a system of Rewards and Recognition for Nationals? 
               • How do you create a National Succession Plan? 
               • Stressful Nationalization and National Development.
               • How do you make Nationalization Stress Free?
               • How do you make the Nationalization Business Proposition and win the support of line managers?
               • Why is the ‘imposition’ of Nationalization ineffective and will backfire against you?
      Day 5: 
         Group Work:
             The instructor will pass around actual CV’s of local candidates to participants. He will then find out if participants can
              discern between the best CV and an ordinary one! 
             Afterwards, instructor will divide participants into groups to conduct interviews with each other. He/she will then share
              innovative and unique ways to interview Nationals! Then you get to practice it amongst each other! 
        Case Study:
               A major bank in the UAE had a big problem of high attrition rate amongst locals. They had many UAE nationals in
                administration level positions, very few in the middle, and even fewer in top management. They wanted to change that, and
                they wanted to hire more locals that could “land on the ground with their feet running”. How did they identify and create
                positions for Nationals based on business needs and with a clear vision? How did they make a National Talent Succession
                Plan and implement it? 
        Group Work:
            You will be divided into groups and made to identify content for your own Nationalization training and development plan.
            The instructor will guide you on how to create and design “Classroom Training Modules” for Nationals, as well as “On-the-Job
            Training Modules.” These modules can easily be taken and implemented in your organization! 
       Group Work:
            Working in groups once again, The instructor will coach each one on how to set up a Performance Appraisal and Performance
            Management System that is tailored to Nationals. 
            He will also help you create a ‘Coaching and Mentoring for Success’ strategy that you could implement back in your organization
            for a period of 18 months which is designed to ensure success and retention of locals! 
       Group Work:
           The instructor will teach you a way to get line managers to support your Nationalization Programs and even help you make sure
            that the Nationals that you recruit will succeed!