Transportation & Distribution Planning & Management Foundations

Course Properties

Course date: 05-11-2017
Course End Date: 09-11-2017
Location Dubai

Course Description:

      Driven by more frequent and increasingly time definite shipments, global trading partners, complex security and regulatory requirements, volatile fuel costs, new technologies and severe shortages of trained labor in some markets, dealing with the complexities of transportation and distribution planning has become a critical corporate function. This course is focused on understanding the basic components of a global transportation and distribution system and its operation in terms of capacity development, freight consolidation, network alignment, and synchronization. This course develops the principles, practices, and tools required to address all major issues and tradeoffs in domestic and international transportation including key financial and performance indicators for transportation and design of supply chains to minimize transportation and distribution costs.


Who Should Attend:

                •  Executives and managers who want to learn about designing and operating best-in-class

                     transportation and distribution for their supply chains

                •  Operations managers of traffic, transportation, and/or warehousing

                • Supply chain engineers and analysts

                • Industrial engineers and systems analysts

                • Supply chain and logistics consultants

                •  Transportation managers and engineers


How You Will Benefit

        Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

                • Develop transportation and distribution strategies to support business strategies

                • Understand basic transportation physics throughout the supply chain

                • Optimize last mile and long haul transportation planning

                • Design supply chain networks to optimize transportation costs and service

                • Determine how to optimize routes and schedules

                • Better manage total transportation spending

                • Analyze tradeoffs between transportation and inventory costs and customer service levels

                • Determine how to measure and improve transportation performance

                • Understand and manage variability that impacts transportation


Course Contents

                • Transportation and distribution fundamentals

                • Delivery costs and strategies

                • Modeling carbon emissions

                • Long haul and international transportation

                • Reducing transportation cost

                • Global distribution network (air, land, sea)

                • Trends in trade, air, sea and land transportation

                • Network design fundamentals

                • Tour of the port of Savannah and intermodal facility

                • Transportation and distribution technology

                • Supply chain design strategy and technology

                • Transportation and distribution trends and innovation