Lean Production & Six Sigma

Course Properties

Course date: 29-10-2017
Course End Date: 02-11-2017
Location Cairo

 Course Objective:

     Six Sigma is the comprehensive business improvement strategy made famous by organizations such as Motorola, General Electric, Honeywell and others, which has been used to generate significant improvements in business performance.


     This program introduces participants to all of the core concepts and key elements of the Six Sigma approach for implementing a business improvement oriented culture and systems in organizations, and how these are used to improve customer satisfaction, process performance, and enhance competitive advantage and business results.


     Organizations who expose participants to the training and development experience provided by this program will be contributing to building a core of knowledgeable and skilled staff that will be able to add value through their contributions as team members and team leaders for Six Sigma improvement projects.


     The course will be highly interactive and to ensure that the concepts introduced during the program are understood, they will be reinforced through a mix of learning methods, including lecture style presentation, open discussion, case studies and group work.


Who Should Attend:

    *  Executive Level Managers considering the implementation of Six Sigma.
    *  General Managers and Middle Managers  
    *  Managers and Employees who are likely to be involved as team members and/or team leaders in Six Sigma improvement projects.


Course Contents:

    * Concept of Lean Production.
    * Waste Elimination.
    * Quality Link.
    * Total Quality Management.
    * Overview of Six Sigma.

    * Why Six Sigma.
    * Random Variation.
    * Data Collection.
    * Data Analysis.
    * How to Apply Six Sigma.

    * Six Sigma Goals.
    * Problem Solving Approach.
    * Process Mapping.
    * DMAIC Define (Voice of Customer, Project Definition, Project Financials, Matrices &Deliverable, Project Scheduling, Change Management.)
    * DMAIC Measure (Process Definition, Process Matrices, Establishing Process Baseline, Control Charts for Variables & Attributes.)

    * DMAIC Analyze (Lean Thinking, Sampling, Hypothesis Testing, Liner Regression, Multiple Liner Regression, Role of DOE, Design Selection.)
    * DMAIC Improve (Tools, Models, Transformations, Responsive Surface.)
    * DMAIC Control (Tools, Serial Correlation, Multivariate Control Charts, Design Six Sigma, Control Plan.)

    * Implementation & Integration (Lean Production Tools, Role of Six Sigma in Lean Production Implementation, Success Factor.)