Strategic Planning and Modern Management Skills

Course Properties

Course date: 22-10-2017
Course End Date: 26-10-2017
Location Sharm El-Sheikh

Course Objective:

    • This course examines ways of improving planning performance through better compilation, evaluation, and implementation o

        f business plans.
    • Familiarizes participants with basic elements of planning and management strategies.
    • Develops the vision and skills that result in real team commitment.
    • Through case study-based exercises, this course applies best practice project management to initiate, plan and control projects.

         Participants will learn to strategically manage projects to meet their

       business objectives.
    • Participants will learn how to build and lead empowered and motivated teams, delegate tasks and authority while maintaining control,

       and  communicate efficiently at all levels.


Who Should Attend:
    • Training & Development Directors, Heads of Organizational Development & Training, Management & Development Officers.
    • This course is valuable for both new and experienced managers and officers who wish to gain or refine planning and management skills

        while increasing the commitment and productivity of their teams.
    • All staff that are involved in making or evaluating business proposals that require the use of resources in order to obtain some business gain.


Course Contents:

           • Management basics

                       • The scope of the manager's job
                       • Making the transition from expert to manager
                       • How managing, leading and administering relate
                       • Managing people more expert than you

          • What kind of manager do you want to be?

                      • The influence of role models
                      • Ten things all successful managers do
                      • Developing a management role model
                      • Adapting the model to your managerial situation

           • Building Vision and Motivation

                       • The power of vision and goals
                       • Motivating people
                       • Managing the work-life balance

         • Working as an Effective Team

                        • Developing ownership within your team
                        • Teamwork: the key to successful management
                        • Effective delegation--the key to the committed team

        • Developing Your Management Style

                         • How you do, what you do is important
                         • The power of empowerment
                         • Managing yourself effectively.

         • Creating World-Class Performance

                         • Working in a global environment 
                         • Customer-led performance.

         • Managing the Team Day to Day

                         • Daily practicalities
                         • Building a positive, productive climate
                         • Managing expectations.

          • Managing expectations

                         • Applying your new skills back on the job   
                         • Maintaining momentum in the face of pressures.

         • Introduction To strategic Plan

                         • The purpose of strategic Plan
                         • What decisions arise from the plan?
                         • Who compiles the plan?
                         • Who owns the plan?.

          • Compilation Of The Plan

                         • What should the plan contain?
                         • Who should we aim the plan at?
                         • The planning gap and how to fill it
                         • What numbers do we use?
                         • How to present the numbers
                         • Estimating outcomes
                         • Evaluation of options
                         • Cost/benefit analysis
                         • Presentation of the plan.

          • Evaluation Of The Plan

                        • What questions to ask
                        • How good is the plan?
                        • What do the numbers tell us?
                        • Sensitivity analysis
                        • Identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats using SWOT analysis techniques
                        • Volatility analysis
                        • Risk analysis and management
                        • Resolving planning conflicts

          • Strategic Alignment Of The Plan

                        • The strategic management process
                        • Analyzing the environment
                        • Competitive strategies
                        • Growth strategies
                        • Organizational culture and planning
                        • Aligning strategy and business plans
                        • Business planning and budgeting.

          • Implementation Of The Plan

                        • Project management techniques
                        • Critical path analysis
                        • Balancing time and resources
                        • Use of milestones
                        • Earned value management
                        • Change control
                        • Communication
                        • Post-implementation audit
                        • Learning and knowledge management