Customer Relationship Management

Course Properties

Course date: 22-10-2017
Course End Date: 26-10-2017
Location Sharm El-Sheikh

Overview & Course Objective:

  • This training course focuses on the skills needed in delivering service excellence to customers.  It discusses understanding the customer, both internal and external, how to deal with challenging customers and why we need to deliver what we promise.

  • Understanding the processes of communication and decision making and the behavioral patterns of others to determine how you need to change your own behavior and communication in order to communicate, influence and negotiate more effectively with your customers.

      This course will enable you to:

                • Build lasting and meaningful relationships with your customers

                • Use powerful behavioral tools to ensure you secure and maintain a competitive edge  within any marketplace

                • Gain a greater understanding of your customers’ needs and how to satisfy them

                • Understand how media channels can be used successfully to develop and enhance relationships

                • Influence with integrity and effective communication

         By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

                • Build lasting rapport and lasting relationships with customers

                • Modify your own behavior to match others

                • Establishing good working relationships

                • Learn to influence with integrity

                • Use influencing skills and techniques to build ongoing and long term relationships with key customers

                • To be able to create and adapt crystal clear models for communication between your organization  and its customers

                • Build co-operation and commitment

                • Understand your customers’ needs and how to satisfy them

                • Be more versatile in every customer-facing situation

                • Explore the range of communications techniques and tools available

                • Develop personal communications effectiveness

                • Recognize behaviors that may cause conflict in the future, enabling you to defuse awkward, and sometimes critical,

                   confrontations with customers.


Who Should Attend:

        Anyone who provides services, products or information to internal or external customers including  personnel from:

            • All personnel and staff who work in the field of marketing and customer focus and those who need to refine and enhance

                their skills in that field.  

            • Training, customer service, sales professionals, technical and support personnel, accountants, field services representatives,

               finance and credit controllers, reception, front-line staff, marketing, communication specialists, public relations personnel

            • Also anyone who will ever need to influence others, either socially or commercially and managers who want to add high-level

               communications and influencing skills to their personal portfolios

Course Contents:

                • Customer Relationship Management top of the management agenda

                • Customers, Customer Service, Service Quality Defined

                • Customer Service vs. Service Excellence

                • The World of Customer Service Excellence

                • The Iceberg Phenomena

                • A strategic framework for Customer Relationship Management

                • The Strategy development process

                • The Value of Customers

                • The Value Creation Process

                • Gaining a Greater Understanding of Your Company

                • Business Philosophies of Customer Relationships

                • Traditional vs. Progressive Customer Orientation

                • Perception vs. Reality among Customers

                • Types of Risk in Service Delivery

                • Understanding Needs, Wants and Expectations of Customers

                • Body Language and Listening as Powerful Tools

                • Winning Words vs. Hedgers to Avoid

                • Positive Attitude Leveraging Service Excellence

                • Customer Service Begins on the Phone

                • Sources of Customer Satisfaction and the Zone of Tolerance

                 • Different Personalities among Customers (Challenging)

                • Hard and Soft Standards of Satisfaction

                • Measuring Customer Satisfaction and Ratings

                • Complaints and Profiling Complainers

                • Dealing with Customer Complaints

                • Customer Relationship Management for Continued Partnerships

                • Customer Relationship Management investments and shareholder value

                • Creating a Climate of Caring and Positive Responsiveness

                • Growing and Nurturing Service Champions

                • The Future of Customer Relationship Management (what opinion leaders think).