Effective Dynamic Leadership Skills

Course Properties

Course date: 17-09-2017
Course End Date: 21-09-2017
Location Istanbul

Course Objective:

             By the end of this course, participants will be able to:  

                    * Set out a personal vision linked to your aspirations and preferences
                    * Develop a strategic plan for realizing your personal and business goals
                    * Inspire your team with a dynamic and aligned statement of purpose
                    * Develop high-impact solutions to hire and retain top talent
                    * Apply creative techniques for influencing business outcomes
                    * Identify and develop key partners in achieving your shared vision
                    * Evaluate personal and business achievement and their relationship.


Who Should Attend:                

                    * This course is designed for leaders and professionals who are responsible for growing the

                        business and driving company performance through people.
                    * People who want to understand the dynamics of leaders to be outstanding.
                    * Anyone needing to resolve issues based around assessing and developing management

                         talent and retaining top professionals throughout the organization.
                    * Professionals aiming to maximize their own personal potential. If you have a need to

                        become the

                        best at what you do and to build an outstanding leadership career then this seminar is a

                       must for you.

Course Contents:

          * Leadership and Transformation 
          * Leadership and its context
          * Self-perception
          *  Personality and behavior
          * Personal transformation and path dependency

          * Limiting beliefs and how to overcome them
          * Personal style and flexibility
          * Core Dynamic Competencies
          * Leadership competencies
          * Influence, authority and power

          * Communication
          * Emotions & rapport
          * Evaluation of organizational performance and needs
          * Developing a Dynamic Leadership Vision
          * Rationality and its limits

          * Other kinds of thinking
          * Visioning skills
          * The pyramid of purposes
          * Congruence and alignment
          * Building Leadership Alliance and Teams

          * Engaging others in the vision
          * Delegation and empowerment
          * Developing the alliance through team working
          * Motivating in times of change
          * Creating a positive climate

          * Conflict and assertiveness
          * Leadership and Life Balance
          * Reassessing personal goals
          * Balancing work, life and leadership
          * Building a sustainable personal future

          * Personal development planning