Oil Field Law & Claims

Course Properties

Course date: 17-09-2017
Course End Date: 21-09-2017
Location Cairo

Course Objective:

   This course is designed to enhance theoretical acumen and improve practical skills of legal advisors and lawyers working in the oil and gas industry by presenting the latest developments in English and international law relating to E&P, transportation and trading of hydrocarbons. 


Who Should Attend :

        This course is valuable for: 
         •  Legal advisors and lawyers working in the oil and gas industry.

         •  Supervisors, senior supervisors, and engineers working in the field of contracts and project planning.

         •  Projects, contracts, procurement, and tenders professionals with responsibility for administrating contracts.

         • Managers responsible for the preparation of documents for competitive tendering within project related procurement.

Course Contents:  

        •  Exploration and production, construction, investments
                 o Licensing exploration and production. PSAs
                 o Legal aspects of loan finance in oil and gas projects
                 o Legal aspects of construction of cross-border pipelines
                 o Legal aspects of project finance in oil and gas projects
                 o Legal aspects of structuring complex finance deals

        •  Trading and transportation
                 o Operating cross-border pipelines
                 o Marine law for shipping hydrocarbons

        •  Corporate law and practice
                 o Comparative analysis of Russian/CIS, European continental, English and US law

        • Contract work
                o Trading contracts: terms, definitions, formation and discharge
                o Specifics of developing contracts for various oil and gas applications
                o Choosing a jurisdiction governing cross-border contracts
                o Practical experience of international oil and gas majors – case studies

        • Claims, litigation, arbitrage, enforcement
                o Arbitration and mediation procedures
                o Litigation involving parties from different jurisdictions
                o International arbitrage – procedures and enforcement of decisions in various jurisdictions

   The basics of efficient cooperation between internal legal departments of oil and gas companies and external lawyers in various jurisdictions