Principles of Contract Drafting

Course Properties

Course date: 17-09-2017
Course End Date: 21-09-2017
Location Sharm El-Sheikh

Course Objective:

    This course will provide practical training on the key concepts and principles of drafting contracts using legal English. This course is designed to help participants develop essential English language drafting skills. Instruction will focus on terminology and expressions commonly found in contracts, structure of specific commercial agreements, and drafting and interpretive guidelines for effective contract clauses. This course is designed to be a "skills workshop" in which practical negotiating and drafting exercises will be used. Participants will have the opportunity to draft and analyze various types of agreements and contract clauses. Particular emphasis will be placed on the language and structure of contracts, writing skills, terminology and usage, and drafting guidelines and interpretive issues.


Who Should Attend:

       This course is valuable for:

               * Legal ad-visors and lawyers working in the oil and gas industry.
               * Supervisors, senior supervisors, and engineers working in the field of contracts and project 
               * Projects, contracts, procurement, and tenders professionals with responsibility for administrating 
               * Managers responsible for the preparation of documents for competitive tendering within project 
related procurement.


Course Contents:

         Chapter1: Process of Contract Drafting; Elements of Effective Contracts

                    * Section A: Fundamental Policies and Values of Contract Law
                    * Section B: Sources of Contract Law
                    * Section C: General Writing Principles Applicable to Contract Drafting
                    * Section D: Using Defined Terms

        Chapter 2: Contract Principles

                   * Section A: Basic Attributes of the Contractual Relationship
                   * Section B: Overview of Contract Standard Provisions
                   * Section C: Promises and Conditions
                   * Section D: Warranties

       Chapter 3: Establishing Agreement, Rights and Obligations, Remedies

                   * Section A: Establishing an Agreement: Offer, Acceptance and Consideration
                   * Section B: Remedies

       Chapter 4: Planning Ahead for Problems; Contract Interpretation

                   * Section A: Termination Provisions
                   * Section B: Impracticality of Performance and Frustration of Purpose
                   * Section C: Risk Allocation in Contracts
                   * Section D: Clauses that Address the Possibility of Future Litigation

       Chapter 5: Other Important Clauses; Assembling Contracts

                   * Section A: Understanding General Clauses
                   * Section B: Assignments
                   * Section C: Contract Interpretation Issues