Overview of Offshore Oil & Gas Systems

Course Properties

Course Date 23-09-2018
Course End Date 27-09-2018
Location Cairo

Overview of Offshore Oil & Gas Systems

Course Objective:

          Participants will learn how:

            • To identify the key parameters for field architecture design and to define an optimum system for field

                 development for fields in any water depth, from shallow to ultra deepwater
           • To recognize the types of offshore production facilities and structures and understand the associated terminology
           • To understand the impact of the gulf environment on facilities design and operations
           • To identify major design and operational interfaces of offshore systems, both fixed and floating
           • To understand key design, construction and installation issues associated with fixed and floating platforms
           • To recognize important loads on offshore structures and how they influence their design and cost
           • To identify major production operation problems and how to solve them
           • To perform risk identification and assessment in oil field 
           • To be aware of  field life cycle.


Who Should Attend:

     Technical staff that needs a basic understanding of offshore field development, production work processes and facilities systems. It is a good choice for individuals with limited experience working with offshore Oil and Gas Operations and field development or are beginning or transitioning from other areas to be directly involved with the design, construction and operation of offshore oil and gas facilities.


Course Contents:

                    • Introduction to offshore field

                                          Field development planning 
                                          Data required to development planning
                                          Steps of field development planning
                                          Implementation of field development planning

                   • Phases of field development

                                        Drilling & well  completion phase
                                        Appraisal study phase
                                        Development phase
                                        Production & Well servicing operations
                                        Oil & gas  processing

                    • Structural system options

                                       Structural design
                                       Material selection
                                       Corrosion protection for selected material

                   • Oil and gas transportation system design and installation

                                      Gathering system design and material  selection 
                                       lines size selection
                                       Optimum diameter design
                                       Gathering lines optimization 
                                        Manifolds and headers

                  • Well construction and servicing operations
                                       Well design
                                       Well control system
                                       Wellhead types

                 • Servicing operations

                                     Coal tubing operation
                                     Wire line operation
                                     Methods of well stimulations

                 • Drilling technology 
                                      Drilling program design
                                      Casing & mud design
                                      Drilling problems

                 • Processing & Utilities

                                      Stages of processing
                                      Separation & crude oil treatment
                                      Crude oil quantity & quality measurement


                 • Utilities system

                                     Water system
                                     Electrical system
                                     Control & instrumentation
                                     Air system
                                     Firefighting system

                • Production operation

                                     Well productivity
                                     Single phase flow 
                                     Two phase flow in tubing

                • Production operation problems

                                   Scales problem
                                   Paraffines  and asphaltene deposition (smudges)
                                   Hydrates problem
                                   Corrosion problem
                                   Well loading

               • Risk identification and assessment in oil field

                                  Exploration risks
                                  Drilling risks
                                  Production risks
                                  Processing & storage risks

               • Field life cycle

                                 Geology and exploration
                                 Appraisal study
                                 Development study
                                 Production phase
                                 Abandonment phase