Perform Troubleshooting of Gas & Oil Processing Units

Course Properties

Course Date 02-09-2018
Course End Date 06-09-2018
Location Sharm El-Sheikh

Perform Troubleshooting of Gas & Oil Processing Units

Course Description

    This course will cover how to establish and apply a general troubleshooting methodology as well as how to conduct process/equipment specific troubleshooting. Definitions of good/normal performance will be discussed for each process/equipment type covered. Data gathering, validation and utilization procedures will be discussed. Criteria to use when evaluating possible problem solutions will also be covered. Real-world exercises will be utilized throughout the class to reinforce the learning objectives. Both onshore and offshore facilities will be discussed. It is assumed that course participants have a solid understanding of how typical oil and gas production and processing facilities work, including the commonly used processes and equipment involved.


Target Audience

   Process/Facilities engineers, facilities engineering team leaders/supervisors, and senior facilities operational personnel


Course Objective:

         At the end of the course, participants will learn:

               • The difference between troubleshooting, optimization, and debottlenecking

               • How to recognize trouble when it is occurring

               • How to develop a methodical approach to troubleshooting

               • To recognize how different components of a facility interact with each other, and the significance of these interactions

               • How to gather, validate, and utilize the data needed for troubleshooting

               • The criteria to be considered for identifying the best solution when several feasible solutions are available

               • Typical causes of problems, and their solutions, for the main types of processes and equipment used in the

                  upstream-midstream oil and gas industry


Course Contents:

               • Troubleshooting methodology fundamentals and data reconciliation

               • Gas – Liquid separators

               • Reciprocating compressors

               • Amine gas sweetening

               • Glycol dehydration units

               • 3-phase separators

               • Centrifugal pumps

               • Oil treating

               • Produced water treating systems

               • Shell and tube heat exchangers

               • Centrifugal compressors

               • Molecular sieve dehydration units

               • NGL recovery processes