Calibrating & Monitoring Control Systems Using Simulators

Course Properties

Course Date 02-09-2018
Course End Date 06-09-2018
Location Cairo

Calibrating & Monitoring Control Systems Using Simulators

About the Course:

        This training course will emphasize on:

                • Building on the basic knowledge and provide hands on start up commissioning….”

                • Designing to teach skills for selecting, maintaining, calibrating and troubleshooting of


                • Giving participants an overview, understanding and hands-on...…”

You Will Learn:

                • Latest technological advances in process monitoring, control and automation.

                • Understanding of control systems in the plant

                • Improve plant productivity

Course Objectives:

         On completion of this course the Participants will be able to:

                • Understand of automation control & process characteristics

                • Determine application of various types of measurement devices & control equipments

                • Determine relevant industry codes, standards, documents and guidelines to apply i.e.: palm oil, oleo chemical


                • Practical knowledge about instrumentation & control valves.

                • How to install process equipment correctly

                • How to troubleshoot instrumentation systems and control valves

                • To correctly select and size control valves for industrial use.

                • Correct maintenance procedures

                • Establishing & documentation calibrating procedures

                • Troubleshooting of equipment.

 Designed For:

                • Managers, engineers

                • Senior Engineer Instrument Maintenance

                • Mechanical & process technicians

                • Chemical & Process trainee engineers

                • All personnel involved in the design, selection, operating, maintenance, troubleshooting, repair operations.

                • All maintenance, engineering, operations personnel involved in improving reliability, conditioning monitoring and

                    maintainability of process equipment and systems

                • Participants should have basic foundation skills in instrumentation

Training Methodology:

                • A combination of class lectures (30% of time), activities, reviews of Loop diagrams, specification sheets, calibration

                    procedures and group discussion.

                • Practical hand-on configuration of industrial instrumentation.

                • The course will be intensive but practical and highly interactive.

                • Participants are encouraged to participate actively and to ask questions especially pertaining to specific

Course Outline:



                1. Introduction to calibration

                          • Definitions

                          • Purpose of calibration

                          • Type of calibrators

                 2. Type of calibration

                          • Wet / Dry

                          • On line / off line

                          • Laboratory / on site

                 3. Terms

                          • Accuracy

                          • Repeatability

                          • Linearity

                          • Uncertainty

                          • Traceability

                          • Records

                          • ZERO adjustments

                4. Calibration Procedures



                1. Introduction to Control valves

                          • Definitions

                          • Gauge and absolutes

                          • Manometer

                          • Pneumatic or mechanical

                          • Pressure sensor & transmitter

                          • Electrical pressure sensor & transmitter

                          • Pressure engineering units

               2. Calibration of Control valves

                          • Simulation of signals

                          • Overhaul / Service

               3. Sizing



                1. Introduction to Level

                          • Definitions

                2. Calibration of Level

                          • Simulation of signals

                          • Gas analysis

                          • Measurement applications




                1. Introduction to Pressure Measurements

                          • Simulation of signals

                2. Calibration of Pressure Instruments

                          • Simulation of signals



                1. Introduction to Temperature & Analytical Measurements

                           • Simulation of signals

               2. Calibration of Temperature & Analytical Instruments

                           • Simulation of signals